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A South Georgia based band that was formed in 1992. The original members perform parties, weddings and events all over the South East!

The band consists of Chip Tanner, Joey Tanner and Scott Lane. They quickly gained a great reputation for their lively and danceable renditions of hit songs from the 50s 60s and 70s. The band has also performed hundreds of wedding receptions and almost as many private parties and class reunions. tannerslane has a time tested and proven show/program that works with all ages. The great slow and fast hits of all time - funk, rock and blues never fail to get people on the dance floor! So if you are thinking of a band for your event or wedding reception - go with experience!



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What kind of music do you play? We play a variety of music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s mostly in the Rock and top 40 category. Some beach (shagging) music. All the songs we do are very popular and so would be familiar to all ages in the audience. We include great classic songs as well.

Do you have a song list that I could look over? Yes. Just ask and one can be emailed to you.

What are your prices? Do you charge by the hour? How long do you play? The price depends on the distance from Valdosta. We can give you a quote if you email us the location of your event. We don't charge by the hour but by the job. The playing time of the band is limited to no more than 4 hours unless special conditions are established. We are at the event location about an hour or so before the event until it is over and then load out the band equipment. In the case of wedding receptions, we usually quit after the bride and groom leave.

How do I secure the date I want for my Wedding Reception? We get a $500.00 deposit to secure the date that you choose if we are available. The deposit secures the date and you are then officially placed on the band's calendar online (so that others will know the date is taken). The balance of the money due would be payable on the night of the event.

If I move my wedding date or cancel do I get my deposit back? Deposits are non-refundable. In rare cases we will change dates if the new date has not been booked.

What do you require for setup? For inside events we require adequate electricity. Ideally we need separate two 110 volt AC outlets on separate 20 amp breakers. For OUTSIDE events we REQUIRE a stage or platform (minimum size 8 x 12 ). We cannot set up on the grass or ground (shock hazard). We also REQUIRE a covering over the band (tent, roof, tarp etc.) This is not just protection from possible rain but protection for our equipment from sun and dew (after sunset dew is an issue). We will provide lighting for the band. We DO NOT provide the stage, dance floor or other lighting for the event.

What happens music wise when you take a break and before you start playing? We will provide music for the breaks, meal, and when guests are arriving at the event. We have a variety of big band, classical, jazz, dance and club music, and other types of music in our break music computer that we can play. There will be no "dead air" during the event.

How long do you need to set up? Setup time is usually about 35-45 minutes. We usually arrive 1 to 2 hours before the event to set up.

Can you announce the wedding party? We can announce the wedding party if you have it clearly written out on paper. We also a re happy to let someone you know (preferable) use our microphone and sound system to announce the wedding party.

What do we do about first dance songs? We sometimes play the first dance songs (Bride and Groom dance, Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son dance) ourselves if it is something that we already know (off the song list) and in some instances we will learn a first dance song of your choice if we feel we can do it well. Many couples put their first dance songs on CD and have us play them through the sound system. Some do a combination of both.

Do I need to draw up a contract for the event. We generally don't use contracts for the bulk of our events, but we don't mind them if you would like to send one. We often send a signed agreement letter (if you want one) which spells out all the dates, times and details of the event so that we know that we are all in agreement on the details.

What information do you need from me to provide an agreement letter should I decide to ask for one? We need the names of the bride and groom or party host, the time of the wedding or event (if a wedding reception we need the time of the wedding itself and the starting time of the reception as well), the physical address for the event, your phone number and your mailing address.

What happens in case of bad weather? In cases of EXTREME weather (wind, rain, cold etc.) we reserve the right to shut down or move the equipment if it appears dangerous to operate.

Do we have to provide hotel rooms for you? The band will provide its own lodging unless otherwise agreed upon.

I read that the balance of the event fee is due on the night of event? This can just be by check? Balance can be by check on, or anytime before, the night of the performance which ever is most convenient for you.

What is your policy for cancellations on my end? You are not "officially booked" until we get the deposit. If you cancel the deposit is non-refundable. This is because we might miss or turn down another invitation for another engagement having committed a date to you.

What is your policy regarding an unforeseen events limiting the performance on your end? (if somebody is sick or can't make it, are you able to provide sufficient back up or adequate replacements?) We have never missed a date in 22 years together. In the extremely rare case that a band member might be deathly ill we would get another musician to replace that person for the event. If for some reason we were all incapacitated we would of course recommend someone competent to fill in. If the fault is ours (again extremely unlikely) we would of course return the deposit money to you.

Is all sound, lighting, and stage equipment provided by the band? We provide the sound equipment and stage lights for the reception but not the stage or performance platform itself. We also do not provide a dance floor. If sound is needed for the wedding arrangements can be made if it is made known at the time of booking.

Can you accommodate special request songs or if we decide just play them from your song library? We don't mind special requests for first dances or even possibly learning a song for you if we have reasonable time to learn it. Most couples these days seem to be making their own "first dances" cds just to make sure they get what they want and how they want it. If you need a special song let us know about it before the day of the event.

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